January 27, 2019

Hello Barry, thank you for an amazing car leasing experience on the new Lexus GX. Not only is it a great SUV but it is a great price.


Dr Ali

January 17, 2019

Thank you!

We are so happy with you and your service. Liz McCarthy is equally as happy with here Subaru. We will continue to send referrals your way and let you know when we are ready for our next car. I will be ready for my new car next year.

Thanks Barry!

Max Meyers
Principal and Chief Investment Officer

January 15, 2019


Got the new Yukon – it’s great. Super nice and exactly what I was looking for. You did a GREAT job an a pleasure to work with, just like my Dad said!

Also, Rob was a super professional, courteous and polite individual. It was a pleasure dealing with. Thanks again for your patience through all this!


January 07, 2019

New Ram is really nice !! I’ll get more cars for sure. My friend in Iceland wants a new f 350 crew cab to make a mountain truck.

Thanks again,


January 03, 2019

Thanks again for the help with the new Porsche Panamera! I love it so much better then the old one. Great job as always!