Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are my options if I want to end my lease?

1. Purchase the vehicle
2. Sell the vehicle
3. Trade the vehicle
4. Arrange for an assumption (with bank approval)
All of these options are available to you by satisfying the payoff balance at that time,which may be more than the value of the vehicle.

2. What are my options when my lease matures?

1. Purchase the vehicle
2. Sell the vehicle
3. Trade the vehicle
4. Extend the lease
5. Turn your vehicle in to us

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For complete details on these choices call us at 1-877-989-1500

3. What are my responsibilities for vehicle maintenance?

You are responsible for all maintenance and you should follow the recommended maintenance schedule as outlined by the manufacturer.

4. What are my responsibilities for vehicle insurance?

You are required to have insurance on your leased vehicle throughout the lease term. Refer to your contract for exact coverages.

5. Am I responsible for personal property tax on my leased vehicle?

Only in those states that assess personal property tax on leased vehicles, such as Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, etc.

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6. Who is responsible for moving violations?

By law, you are responsible for all parking/ moving violations.

7. What happens when I drive more miles than is stated in my Lease Agreement?

If you purchase, sell, or trade your vehicle no mileage charge will be assesed. If , however, you elect to turn your vehicle in at lease end, and you have exceeded the allowable mileage stated in your contract, you may incur excess mileage charges. Refer to the section of your contract titled “Standards for Wear and Tear”. This section will help you calculate excess mileage charges.

8. How do I get license plates?

In most cases, when you take delivery of your vehicle, the dealer will handle the necessary steps in supplying you with your first set of license plates. In subsequent years you will be notified by Weleasebytel or the Bureau of Motor Vehicle sfor renewal procedures.

9. Who pays for license plates?

You are responsible for the cost of license and registration fees throughout the lease term. You will recieve a bill annually from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for this cost.

10. Can I let someone else lease my car?

Your leased vehicle may be assumed by another individual if approved by the lending institution. There may be an assumption fee for this service.

11. Can I take my leased vehicle out of the continental United States?

No, most lenders umbrella insurance will not allow us to permit you to take your leased vehicle outside the continental U.S..

12. What happens if tax rates change?

If the tax change affects your lease, you will be notified of the new rate. Your monthly payment will then be changed to reflect any increase or decrease resulting from the tax change.

13. What happens if I move out of state?

You should contact us at least 30 days prior to your move so we may take the necessary steps in assuring that your vehicle is registered properly.
In addition, some states require additional fees and taxes to be paid when registering in the state.

14. What happens if my vehicle is wrecked but not declared a total loss?

You should contact your insurance company and Weleasebyte immediately. We will guide you through the steps for having your vehicle repaired.

15. If I decide to return my vehicle at the end of my lease, who do I contact?

Please call Weleasebytel at 1-877-989-1500 to arrange a time and location for the return of your leased vehicle.

16. What are my responsibilities at the end of the lease?

The chart below outlines your responsibilities if you choose to purchase, sell or trade your vehicle at end. If you choose to extend the lease, your lease end responsibilities outlined in the chart below will then be deferred until the extension reaches maturity.

17. What do I do if I haven’t received a payment booklet?

If you have not received your payment booklet before your next payment due date, please call Weleasebytel at 1-877-989-1500. Even though you may not have your payment book, you are still required to make your payments on time.